• Mark:
    Thank you so much for sending me the 4 bagglers and the shopping bags.  They are awesome!  It is so refreshing when somebody takes the time to "right a wrong".  I was away on vacation last week, and your package was waiting for me when I arrived home.
    My daughter is 8 months pregnant.  I am sharing the bagglers with her.  We will both tell our friends about them; we believe in sharing a good thing!
    Thanks again!
    Vicki Verego, Atlanta GA

  • Mark 
    My father has received his bagglers and raves about them.  He shops, using his walker or cane, and says the bagglers make it very easy to get from the car to the house.
    Thanks for making him happy!
    Gerry, Milwaukee WI

  • Got 'em!
    I saw a small blurb about them in the Dallas Morning News, Guide (Living) Section.  Haven't seen the video yet....will put that on my To Do list. 
    I purchased them for my aunt who will be 89 on the 14th.  Those plastic bags are hard on her fingers!  I don't think it will be my last purchase...they seem to be very practical.

  • I was invited to an Women's event last Christmas and at the end they have in display your item and I had purchased 3 of them and they are very helpful. I looked at the brand and research in the web and I find it. I want more for a gift to my sister and maybe latter on will get more for gifts.
    Thank you for your product is a small, big valuable tool.
    Maria Anderson, Corpus Christi TX

  • There was an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sunday's paper.  Colleen is my daughter and thought this sounded like a really great iidea.  I was elected to contact you and place an order.  I'm sure she'll share with me.
    Hope Draak

  • I bought a pair two years ago someplace in the US. I was traveling and don't remember where I found them (it might have been Maine). I currently have a young Romanian student staying with me and when he saw them, he said he wanted some to take back to his parents. So I did a google search, found your site, and ordered them. What a great fundraiser these would make for non-profits and churches. I'm going to ask my own congregation if they'd be interested in selling them to raise money.
    The Rev. Elizabeth A. Zivanov, Rector: The Parish of St. Clement

  • I look forward to receiving my Baggler bags!  I learned about them from a notice in the Oregonian newspaper's Food Day which had a photo and noted the Baggler under the title "What we're loving." Because I have arthritis in my hands, I think this will be a perfect solution for carryig home my 'loot' from  Farmers Market.  I have looked at your website and the video and shall await any other inventions you market.
    Martha P.

  • You were the featured article in our Portland ( Oregon!) Oregonian newspaper's Food Day supplement...I suspect you're going to get a lot of business from our state! I see you sell at several outlets in our area, so it looks as if everyone I know is going to get a set for a gift....thanks.

  • Dear Mark,
    I was looking for something that can help to carry bags, and I found your site. I'm really liked the idea. I watched the video, it's brilliant and with fine quality. It would be wonderful to become your BAGGLER retailer in Russia, but at the beginning I need to investigate popularity of the baggler for people in Russia, because we have specific market's packets, packets weight and even thinking, that's why I bought only 6 the Bagglers. I will show them all of my friends, family, colleagues to check the need in them the Russian people. I will be happy to bring your business to success together with my own.
    Thank you for your work, I'm waiting impatiently for the Bagglers coming :).
    Best regards,
    Mikhail, Russia

  • Saw an article in the Guide section of The Dallas Morning News. I bought it for my 93 year old mother who has just moved to a retirement home. She will be a style setter with your snazzy bags. Thanks
    Julia Jobe

  • Dear Mark:
    Saw your product, this past weekend, in our local paper (Detroit Free Press) with a picture showing it in use. Upon seeing it for the first time I was totally blown away. It is definitely a "must have". I didn't even finish reading the paper, but immediately cut out the article and retreated to my computer to order some. I've got 4 dynamite daughter-in-laws and a beautiful wife who, when she goes to the store, never comes home with less than 5 plastic bags full of food. So I ordered five sets so each family has 2.
    I thought the price was dead on and the colors really added to the appeal. You need to get this product out visibly to the public. Get it in the Sunday magazine (Parade, etc.) with a picture of it in use by a young house wife and an older gent carrying the groceries for his wife.
    Mark, you have a great product with unlimited potential. (I'm saying this without actually holding the product yet) I envy your wallet if this catches on. Hope you have a good marketing guy. Home Network would work, too. It's an eye-catcher that immediately grabs you to say to yourself, "I need to have one of those!!!!!"
    Good Luck
    John Madigan, Retired Human Resources Director, Warren Michigan

  • I bought the first one at Publix grocery store in Dunedin, Florida. I then looked up your web site to order more.

  • Good Morning, Mark and Guys
    I read a short article about your bags in our local newspaper, The Dallas Morning News. Being a Master Gardener, I have many friends who try to carry multiple small items at a time. I thought these might be good to keep in my car for just those times. I don't mind saying that I am also a shopper, and from the written description in the News, knew The Bagglers would come in handy.
    After I receive my order and use The Bagglers, I will send you a note. We might want to sell them at our local Master Gardening store.
    Nita Rausch, Chairman, 2010 TMGA Conference

  • I Saw a small article w/picture of the handle in the Wisconsin State Journal.  Since I had cut it out, I can't say which section it was in, but I was impressed.  Will be moving from house with attached garage, to apartment building with looong hallways, and am not thrilled with hauling groceries etc. from the car to the apartment.  The baggler handle should help; I already have bought canvas bags and hope they'll fit.
    Carol, WI

  • Hi Mark - I just now watched the video.  I'm glad I did because it appears that the bags fit on the grocery store bag holder racks.  I was curious about that - now I know!  I'm really looking forward to getting my Baggler and Baggler Bags.  If they work as well as I think they will, I plan on getting some for my sons & daughters-in-law.
    I read a small article in the Dallas Morning News about the Bagglers, then went online to find out more.

  • Hi Mark......
    Thank you for your email.  I was given a Baggler as a Christmas Gift from my daughter.  I am 71 and it is quite useful for me.  I decided to purchase a few and give as gifts to some of the guys in my morning coffee group.  To order from you I did a Google Search on Baggler. Do you look for any associates on a commission or discounted basis?.  I could probably sell quite a few in this area.
    Thank you,

  • I read an article in the Morning Sentinel, Saturday Edition 1/31/09.  I have some bags made for the Shop n` Save stores.  I was always forgetting them when I went to the store.  With the Baggler, I have the pouch on the seat, it doesn`t slide off so when I reach for my purse they are right handy.  Being shorter in height than the other bags, it`s easier to back your purchases in them and leep them balanced in your vehicle.  Great product.  Will make good Christmas gifts, especially for people who don`t have alot of space and like to use their own bags for shopping & such!
    Sally, Maine

  • I saw the Baggler at Walgreen's a few weeks ago, and my first thought was, "What a dumb idea ... ."  Then I was walking to my office the parking garage carrying my purse and three other bags (for a dept. birthday party), and I have just enough arthritis in my wrists, fingers, and thumbs that the weight was pretty uncomfortable. I thought--I wonder where I saw those Baggler-things? It took  me a few weeks to find them (Walgreen's was out for a while, so I didn't see them when I went in there the next few times; I asked at QT and a few other places, and nobody knew what I meant.) I finally saw them tonight in stock again at Walgreens this evening, bought two, and used them right away. Well, it's not a dumb idea after all. I've never seen these advertised--you should have a Sham-wow style infomercial and sell the HECK out of these!  They're great, and even if we all start actually using the non-plastic re-usable bags that we've been buying for groceries, etc., the Baggler will still be a handy gadget for those.
    Best regards,
    Donna J Gamache
    St. Louis , MO USA

  • I visit family in Dallas each Christmas.  They know I live in a second floor (third if one counts the carport) apartment and schlep bags of groceries.  Stores now pack items into paper shopping bags, but if I use the "check yourself" it's only plastic.  This year my daughter found your product in a local Dallas drug store, bought two and put them into my "stocking." I use them more often for taking trash bags down to the box.  My neighbor saw me the first time, admired the concept, so: my purchase for other neighbors here.  Unfortunately, there are no available outlets near me in  San Diego, so I used online.  Your device is a great help...I'm a senior,so there's your advertising hint!

  • "I remember when your product first came out. My mom's got one and loves it! Our Maine-based company has a great marketing and communication tool to help you continue spreading the word."
    The MerchantCircle Team

  • Hello Mark, 
    Thank you for the email update. I LOVE your product! I bought one by chance at a store although I can't recall if it was a Bed, Bath and Beyond or Linen's & Things. The Baggler has caused quite a stir everwhere I have used it. I'm always asked by others where I purchased it. I looked on the internet for one the other day and there was one on Amazon.com that went for $15.99!  I think I paid $5.00 for mine. Then luckily I came across your website. I ordered another for me and the rest for family members. I've passed your website onto a few friends as well because they remember they want one when they see mine. Thanks again and I can't wait till my new Baggler gets here! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....
    Heather Simmons Combs

  • Dear Mark, 
    Thank you for sending my order of "Bagglers" so quickly in the mail. Now I can share the "pain free carrying of groceries" with family and friends. I am a Plastics Engineer graduated from UMASS Lowell and as a "geek" engineer I am always checking out plastics parts everywhere I go. I came across your Baggler at a grocery store in Waltham a couple of months ago. I just bought a couple to give them a try. I was curious about the design and the fact that was made in Maine US, yes !!! (I like to support the local business). After I tried the baggler I found that indeed was comfortable, easy to use and strong enough to carry all the weight of the groceries bags I placed on them. I was really impressed. I absolutely love the design, wish more people can share the happines that this little item can provide.
    Merry Christmas,
    Ana Maria

  • I originally saw The BAGGLER at my local grocery store.  There were several hanging on display at each checkout stand as I was going through the line, and I thought, "Oh, that seems like a cool idea.  I wonder how well it works."
    The next time I was in that grocery store, I looked for them at a few of the checkout stands, and couldn't find any.  Hoping they had moved them to another location, I asked one of the cashiers about them, and he said he wasn't sure there were any left.  He did find two of them back behind some magazines at one of the stands, and I bought them!
    I love my BAGGLERs!  The only problem is that I was able to get just the two of them, and my teenager always wants to use them when we go grocery shopping.  So I'm getting more for us, and several for friends for Christmas gifts!
    Thank you so much, Mark & The BAGGLER Guys!!
    Stephanie Lee
    Folsom, CA

  • HI MARK,

  • I saw my first baggler on the table in our community room in the senior housing complex I live in. Looked like something I could give for useful Christmas presents to my family. After trying the one I found I loved it. So easy on the hands to carry the bags in to the apartment. Looking forward to getting them.

  • Hi,
    You wanted me to tell you how I heard about the Baggler. I was at a school yard sale and a woman had several for sale. I only bought one (just to try) and loved it. Of coarse I couldn't go back to the same place to buy more as it was a yard sale. I got the name off the handle and got on the internet to order more! I own a 3rd floor condo in Myrtle Beach (we spend 3 weeks there in the summer ) and HATE carrying all the bags up the steps. It's going to be so much easier with the Baggler!
    Ginny Hammell

  • Mark,
    Purchased your product yesterday. Really was impressed. I immediately sent the website to my mother in Pensacola, Florida. Well – she works at Wal-Mart in Pensacola and showed it to her manager. He was instantly impressed. I think he started making calls immediately to try to get your product in the store. Just wanted to say – great product. Works like a charm.
    Blake Jernigan
    Tampa , Florida

  • Mark,
    Thank you for the nice note attached to my order. I saw the link on the BB of the World Am and got curious. Well my wife was thrilled with it and we are sending one to a friend who has serious arthritis in his hands and one to her sister.
    Thanks again and see you in MB!!
    Jim McLea

  • Hi,
    I live in Presque Isle, Maine. I am living in Dubai for a couple of years while my husband works here. He takes the car to go to work all day so I carry the many plastic bags home from the store alone. I bought this in Maine this summer and have loved it over here in Dubai. Thanks for a great product.
    Dianne Folsom
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Hello,
    I absolutely love your invention! We just moved back to apartment living after many years. Grocery shopping was a pain in the neck b/c I had to make several trips back and forth from the car. No more! The Baggler is really fantastic! It caught my eye at the checkout, I figured it was worth a try, and bought one. I have already been back for another, and can now comfortably carry all of my purchases in one trip. It seems too good to be true, but it works!! You have a winner on your hands!! Thanks for sharing!
    Marie Touchette

  • Recently we purchased a BAGGLER from a local store. As we looked at it & observed its construction, we found another great use for it. Thought you'd like to know. As the pictures show. It's a great help when we walk our dogs-tangle free. So if you like, you could relabel for use in the Pet Department.
    Shirley Long, Myerstown PA

  • To Whom it May Concern: I am a firm believer in giving people rave reviews. In today's world, companies too often near the complaints and not enough positive reinforcement. Hopefully my letter will help you to know that what you do is wonderful, and quite helpful. Upon shopping, I had seen "BAGGLERs" many times before, but never really thought about using them. However, I am on my own more and more often without help to carry a load of heavy and sometimes awkward bags inside by myself. So I decided to get two "BAGGLERs" and that very day, I was able to bring all the groceries inside in one trip. I was absolutely amazed at how well your product worked, and how incredibly helpful it was. I was able to put all of the bags down on my stoop in order to unlock my front door. Without a mess with a million handles to pick them back up! So thank you, whoever made this, and to your wonderful company, for making my life a little easier. I now keep them in my trunk so that if I go shopping on the spur-of-the-moment, I won't have to worry about how I'm getting the groceries/other shopping inside. Thanks again!
    Very Eternally Sincerely,
    Mary Catherine Albenzi, Avery Grateful Customer in NH

  • Hi Mark, This is Phil and I've let other people read and write your company name off the handle of my BAGGLER when they tell me or ask me for the information where I got your product from and they are happy to get the info. I've told them if the have a PC to go to The Baggler web site and they'll see how to obtain one for themselves. I hope they are getting in touch with your company to purchase your BAGGLERS. I'm asked by a lot of store customers about my Baggler. Seniors tell me they cut their fingers on their plastic bags and they'd like to get one. Hope their selling well, Phil Fontaine Rockford IL Hi Mark Thanks for the great product. It really comes in handy in the UK. Not having a car. I just googled your product and bang I found it.
    Thanks again,
    Gary Anderson, London England

  • Just wanted to say what a wonderful tool this is for me! I am single and it makes it soooo much easier for me to get my groceries from the car to my kitchen! The Baggler does not cut into my hand the way the plastic bags do. I also am able to make one trip verses several! I am from Maine and am proud to know the Baggler was made in my home state. Great Job!
    Therese L.

  • I saw a woman using two last weekend. I'll be giving some to my daughters and my parents. They're a great idea!
    Wendy Ragsdale, Marietta SC

  • Hey man, this looks like the best thing since shirt pockets! I just went to the store last night, "because my wife didn't want to "carry" the bags to the car!" Me neither! But guess what, if I told her what I thought somebody else would be carrying her groceries, and I would be eating at McDonalds. I might be a southern boy, but I sure didn't fall off a turnip truck yesterday. Got home and carried in 9 bags (two Bagglers worth), excuse me honey I have to answer a call in my office. Ploy! Google search! Bagglers! Two for me, and one for each of the kids for Christmas. Ok honey got the call handled; and the task of carrying in 9 of those %**&%# bags on one finger! Next year the kids get the second one!
    John Collignon, Houston Texas

  • The thing I like the best is getting home, and having everything contained. In fact I was trying to get in the back door with the back door key in my pocket, and my wife said what are you going to do now? Hold two handles instead of jostling ten single bags. Worked! Hope you get into HEB or Wal-Mart . You know I was going to get some European stretch bags, so I didn't have to fool with the plastic bags to help the environment and trash etc, The hassle of transferring all those groceries to another bag was not practical. I'd be stoned if I held up a line transferring groceries from plastic to a stretch/canvas bags. I did a memory clear on that idea, and googled up your product. I don't see any out there easier to use, and workable. 2nd time used and fantastic.10 bags.had them hooked up before I got out of HEB (Texas owned) wife loves them...

  • Happy to! I bought mine at Market Basket located in the Somerset Plaza in Nashua, NH. I absolutely love mine. My son recently moved to Detroit and has a bit of a walk from where he parks his car to his apartment. I suggested he might like them to help carry his groceries on his hike from car to home. I looked for more at Market Basket, but could find none. So, I googled "baggler" and found your website. I'm sure he'll be thrilled with them! BTW---he's a newspaper reporter, so he may have occasion to review them as one of his "beats" is retail. Thanks for developing a great product that just makes sense. They've been a godsend for me since my son has moved away and I must lug in my own groceries now. Good luck with your terrific idea!!
    Alma Hurst, Nashua NH

  • Hi Mark Thanks for the great product .It really comes in handy in the uk ,not having a car. I just googled your product and bang i found it, thanks again
    Gary Anderson, London UK

  • I just love them! I also use them to carry my cloth bags w/ handles to the grocery store.
    Betty W. Carterville IL

  • It's a great little gadget. The only hard thing is to remember to stick it back in your purse or to take bake out to the car for the next time!
    Jill Warford, Fort Scott KS

  • I love The BAGGLER. I bought one for my father because he walks with a cane and I bought one for my neighbor because she has arthritis in her fingers.
    Mary Harriman, The Villages FL

  • I put The BAGGLER to work as the Wal-Mart checker is packing the bags! By the time she is finishes, I am too! Ordering 3 more!
    J. C., Houston TX

  • I heard about you thru replocator, I saw your company and your product and thought I would like to have one. Do you have reps in the Texas Market
    Tom Barnes, Argyle TX

  • Recently we purchased a BAGGLER from a local store. As we looked at it & observed its construction, we found another great use for it. Thought you'd like to know. As the pictures show. It's a great help when we walk our dogs-tangle free. So if you like, you could relabel for use in the Pet Department. Thanx
    Shieley Long, Myerstown PA

  • I am very satisfied with your product and everyone who sees me carrying bags with it asks me about it. It is truly a wonderful product.
    Harry Mendelovich, Israel

  • Mark,
    I bought a dozen BAGGLERs so that I could give them out to friends and families. I live in a townhouse with the kitchen on the second floor, and they have been my saving grace carrying groceries up the stairs. I am spreading the Baggler word to everyone I can! Thanks for such a great product!
    Nancy (P.S. Isn't Massachusetts "international" from Maine?)

  • I bought mine at Market Basket located in the Somerset Plaza in Nashua, NH. I absolutely love mine. My son recently moved to Detroit and has a bit of a walk from where he parks his car to his apartment. I suggested he might like them to help carry his groceries on his hike from car to home. I looked for more at Market Basket, but could find none. So, I googled "Baggler" and found your website. I'm sure he'll be thrilled with them! BTW---he's a newspaper reporter, so he may have occasion to review them as one of his "beats" is retail. Thanks for developing a great product that just makes sense. They've been a godsend for me since my son has moved away and I must lug in my own groceries now.
    C. Hurst, Nashua NH

  • I bought them before - then gave mine to a friend who was visiting from CT. I will be moving to another place which will have a few more steps & doors so they definitely will help. My granddaughter who is 3.5 just loves taking the bags of the hooks. I had forgotten the name & how to get them. I had seen them in Hannaford & wanted to get them but I couldn’t find them….so I emailed 99.9 The Wolf. They were great and gave me all the info.
    Thanks-Great Invention,
    Glady Szabo

  • Hi - I got my Christmas Miles Kimball catalog. Saw The Baggler. So cool. However, the following is more cool: We were in our Mobil Oil "Patco" gas station, in the mini mart, and as we walked out the door I walked smack into a strip of Bagglers. I couldn't believe it!!! I guess I better get used to it and expect it.

  • I saw the Baggler in a convenience store at a gas station in Mass. I bought one to try it, and I LOVE it. That’s why I bought more.
    Razz, E. Rutherford NJ

  • Mark & All Baggler People: I saw some Bagglers in a Shaw's supermarket in Melrose, MA, and picked up a couple as an impulse purchase. I have been using them happily ever since! I am buying more to spread the word about them because I love them so much!
    Nancy M., Framingham MA

  • I saw a woman using two last weekend. I'll be giving some to my daughters and my parents. They're a great idea!
    Wendy Ragsdale, Marietta SC

  • I saw your ad on a career site and was curious about what in the world a Baggler is and how does it work. I went to your site and read the testimonials. I already knew that this product was great without the testimonials of others. I would think that your product is easy to sell. Every household should have at least 2 in each vehicle. And for those who don't drive, it's even more necessary. Thanks in advance for helping to save my hands. I just ordered 2-3 packs.
    Ann Mueller , West Bend Wisconsin

  • We love the pink BAGGLER?  Guess Who?
    Kimberly Brackett, Bracketts’s IGA, Bath ME

  • This is a great invention.  Just get the word out by marketing better.  This has to be on the tube, TV, Internet, ECT. Good Luck,
    Mr. James Bond, Rockville MD

  • Mark, you have an excellent product.  I am telling everyone I know. I think that you have something. Remember the guy who invented the "baggie". I have been telling the world about the Baggler. Many friends say they are going to order it from you.
    Bob Crawford
    National Sales Representative
    Sprint Together with Nextel

  • Hello, This is the first time I've ever taken the time to write a company about a product being fantastic! A neighbor gave me a Baggler, and it surpassed my hopes for it.  I have a bad back and it allows me not only to carry the bags easily, but to carry more, balance them easily and save wear and tear and pain in my back.  As well, it keeps the groceries IN the bag in the back of the car. The Baggler is a fantastic product.  You should be proud of yourselves. I told you I was given a baggler.  I told you how much I love it. I forgot to say that I have just ordered more!! All the best and Thanks loads for inventing it. Sincerely,
    Jane Gismondi, Vancouver , BC Canada

  • Congratulations on winning “best product” in the Household Products/Non-Edible Consumables Category in the 2007 NACDS Marketplace Product Showcase .  We hope that your The Baggler is a best-seller. Also, check out the NACDS Website www.nacds.org , Marketplace Conference, to see the list of winners for the Product Showcase. Your support of and participation in the Marketplace Conference is appreciated.  We look forward to seeing you next year at the 2008 NACDS Marketplace Conference in San Diego - June 28 – July 1, 2008.
    Patty Velez, Manager, Member Programs

  • I work for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores and your product was featured at Marketplace. I think that it is the greatest invention since Velcro. I hate plastic bag carrying and this is going to be a great help. I ordered extras for friends that I am going to share with. I look forward to receiving my shipment and congratulations on winning at Marketplace.
    Sharon Reynolds
    Member Relations Administrator
    National Association of Chain Drug Stores

  • Outstanding, thank you.
    Roxanne, Oshkosh, WI

  • Congratulations, this is great stuff; this should bring you in some nice sales.
    Matt Eichenbaum
    Sensortek, Inc., California

  • Hi Mark, Congratulations on your award!! This proves that your product is a winner!!
    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Mauricio Gonzales, Monterey, Mexico

  • Mark, On behalf of the Westford Public School System, I would like to thank you for the fine presentation you gave to our Inventors and Scientists at the Townwide Fair. The parents and students learned much from the way you made the life of an inventor come alive and the message that they all can be inventors. Thank you also for all of the bagglers. They have been distributed and are being used throughout Westford. Since I was not able to find your home address, please accept this email as a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to you for your generosity with your time and invention. Sincerely,
    Carol Shestok
    K-5 Science Coordinator
    Westford Public Schools

  • Greetings: I just got a Baggler after seeing one locally at the Port Clyde General Store. Of course, a Mainer would come up with this idea! It's wonderful 'cause those dang plastic bags that I had to carry to and from the car were driving me NUTS. This is PERFECT. So Kudos for this great idea! I hope your business does very well!
    Maria, St. George, ME

  • Very pleased! I will use plastic bags more often when taking things with me because I have The BAGGLER.
    Gladys of Maine

  • Love it! Have already sent The BAGGLER to each of my kids (2 in Washington State and one in California) I also gave one to each of my neighbors. Thanks and good luck.
    Virginia Borgatti, of Biddeford, ME.

  • My daughter who first thought I was crazy to buy The BAGGLERs used them for her own shopping and then went out and bought her very own ….I guess I wasn’t so crazy!
    Anonymous, ME

  • I have 29 stairs to my front door and my wife and I used to struggle carrying the bags and we were tired of making2 separate trips up the stairs each week we went shopping. We bought for BAGGLERs. Great innovation and solution to an ongoing problem for millions of people. I have a feeling you are going to be a very wealthy man in a year or so! Nice product! Best wishes and good luck.
    John Burke, Ardsley, NY

  • Great product! Love It!
    Anonymous, Eastern ME

  • February 5, 2007

    Dear Mark,
    Congratulations on the recent Bangor Daily News article detailing The BAGGLER’s success. The article poignantly highlighted the inventive and entrepreneurial spirit that has made your business such a success. My wife is a big fan of The BAGGLER and now uses it often.

    I always enjoy hearing about how an innovative business like yours helps drive Maine’s economy and contributes to the local community. Thanks for the special care and attention you have given to serving the elderly. I wish you much success in your future endeavors.

    Tom Allen
    Member of the United States Congress

  • Mark, I loved reading the article and I couldn't be happier for you and your success! This is the first product I have ever purchased that I believe in so much that I keep two with me at all times. I am always willing to give a demonstration. Many of my co-workers jokingly ask if I get paid to promote the product. I keep one in the packaging so I can show the folks I work with how attractive the Baggler is in the polypropylene bags we sell to you. I keep the other with bags nearby so I can demonstrate how easy they are to use. Then of course I always keep two in my car for use when I am shopping. I LOVE my Baggler's.
    I gave two to my sister-in-law for her to use when shopping even though she recently started to have her groceries delivered. Last week the grocery delivery person arrived with her groceries and after watching him carry all the bags upstairs and into her kitchen she said to him, "You know what you need? You need The Baggler!
    I am so excited about your product that I want to tell everyone about them.
    I was wondering if you have a smaller version of the card inserted in the package. Something business card size with of picture of the person carrying bags and some contact info. This way, when I am using my Baggler's. and someone asks about them, I can give them a card with your website and ordering info. My enthusiasm certainly gets their interest, but I am afraid that they may forget the web address once our conversation is over. If you have anything like this please send to me so in return I can send some business your way. Thanks so much,
    Cheryl, Baggler Fan

  • March 6, 2007

    Dear Mark,
    I just wanted to congratulate you on your resourceful invention of “The BAGGLER.” We have all experienced the aggravation and discomfort while carrying shopping bags. Your innovation has given consumers peace of mind and relieved the stress of carrying heavy loads that might otherwise cause much physical pain.
    You have displayed an incredible sense of creativity and ingenuity to the State of Maine, as well as future consumers across the country. Once again, congratulations on your success. If I can ever be assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Sincerely yours,
    Elizabeth H. Mitchell
    Senate Majority Leader
    Maine State Senate
    District 24

  • I also purchased for parents, friends and patients - I am a physical therapist!
    Birnbaum, Ardsley , NY

  • It looks as though you are on a roll and I wish you and your family all the best (I also told my friends that if anyone tries to mug them in the parking lot, they can swing their loaded Baggler's.& deck 'em!).
    Marilee Smith, Old Town ME (It should be noted in an acts of generosity Marilee has purchased 6 dozen Baggler's. and had them sent to her friend all over the country.)

  • I am totally pleased with my Baggler's.! The honestly surpassed my expectations.
    Anonymous, Eastern ME

  • I love these things! It is nice to see that they originate from the state of Maine.
    Wendy T., Belfast Maine

  • I think these need to be marketed by check-out stands with a demonstration of some kind so folks would know what they really can do to help them. If people knew how wonderful they work you would sell so many! A fellow bus rider saw me using mine & asked about them & where to get them! (I live in Pasadena, California) So, get busy! Thanks.
    Resident, Pasadena CA

  • Handle fits real good in your hand. GREAT!!! Thank you

  • These are a very good idea. I bought 6 Baggler's. to share with my children.
    Carrol M., Medway ME

  • Just to let you know, I have had several people ask me about the Baggler and I told them just wait a bit, it's coming to Hannaford's Super Mkt. I use it mostly to bring my mother's groceries to her apartment. Thank you.
    Joanne Scianna, We are originally from Framingham/Natick, MA. Been living in ME for three yrs. Have two daughters living in ME. Grandchildren are here so we retired here.

  • Hey, I saw the Baggler at Hannaford’s and picked up 4 of them, 2 for me one for mom and one for sis. We love them. Keep up the great work. I was standing in line trying to sell them to others behind me by telling them it was a friend who had invented them. I got one lady interested. I wish 5 gallon buckets I haul water in had a handle like that instead of those cheap hard plastic ones. My fingers are all messed up from years of hauling heavy buckets of water. Also I thought of having a padded handle like that on a rake or shovel. Very Very comfortable handle, what is it?
    Donna C., New Sharon ME

  • Hi Mark- noted the Lowell Sun article and that your product is made in Maine, just thought you had a great idea and am happy to support Maine!
    Christine Williams, Tewksbury MA

  • Hi, I saw your write up in the Lowell Sun a few weeks back and thought what a wonderful invention you came up with, anyway's while I was checking out today at the Market basket in Tewkesbury, Mass. today, there they were at the check out!!
    I am so tired of having to lug my groceries up two flights of stairs all the while having those darn plastic bags cut off the circulation in my fingers...normally I have to take 2 trips up the stairs to get all my groceries in the house from the car. Today I did it all in one trip...as I bought 2 of the Baggler's. and had 10 bags of groceries. What a difference it made, I am thrilled with them and plan on telling everyone I know how great they are!
    I am a 57 year old widow and take a beta blocker for my blood pressure, that in itself causes me to suffer from Reynaud's disease which when my fingers get cold they lose circulation and turn white...no matter how careful I would be carting in my bags they would twist and turn and cut right into the fingers and cut off the circulation...now I don't have to worry about that anymore, thanks to the "Baggler".
    Thanks again for your wonderful invention...hope you make a million on it!
    Alyce Brady, Lowell Mass

  • I just wanted you to know that I love my Baggler's. I have problems with my wrists and thumbs and using the BAGGLER has made carrying those bags so much easier. I gave one to my sister and she also loves it.
    Sheila R., Spokanne WA

  • I can't wait to get my BAGGLERS. There was a very big article in The Bangor Daily yesterday picturing the Baggler's. I was so psyched that something like that had been invented. It's very cold up here in Madawaska and I get so tired of making tons of trips back and forth from car to house whenever I shop. I think these would sell like crazy up here....in grocery stores, senior citizen center, etc. I do allot of merchandising work up here in the stores and see a lot of different products. This one looks like a GREAT one.
    Sue M., Madawaska ME

  • I think I first heard about the baggler on the 6:00 news recently.  Then of course I saw the big spread in the BDN this weekend.  I look forward to trying your product.
    Barbara S., Eastport ME

  • Hi Mark, Its nice to see you getting even more press. My only additional feedback would be to tell you that I gave one of my Baggler's. to a physically challenged friend. She says that she only wishes she had one years ago. She too loves her baggler and is emailing all of her friends(some of them elderly and physically challenged too) about it!
    Barabara H., Palmyra ME

  • Hi I know they will be great-heard it on 99.9 The Wolf station this morning and ordered as soon as I heard your web site. I was laughing listening to Dave & Michelle telling how it is grabbing all those bags. I do that all the time and try to grab as many and combine them and then my fingers feel like they are going to fall off. I ordered the 3-one for my daughter who is disabled with a balance problem and one for my granddaughter as she does a lot of shopping for her Mom. Thanks and lots of luck with the sales.
    Gladys S., Topsham ME

  • I drove to the Getty station in Lisbon Falls and bought 6 of your Baggler's. at $4.95 each. I tried them out - FANTASTIC!! No more struggling with flimsy bags and deep marks on my forearms from carrying those &$^# bags. I put 2 in my car and my husband will have 2 in his. I gave the other 2 to my mom and mother-in-law. They love the idea! Best of luck in your new venture - you have a great product!!
    Rachel Kidder, ME

  • Hello from Brackett's Market! We are a very proud to sell your product .I use an orange one myself. One request from the gals at Bracketts.....WE LOVE PINK !!   If you can will you consider making some pink Baggler's.??
    Kimberly M. Brackett, Co-Owner Brackett's Market, Bath Maine

  • Good morning Mark, Thanks for calling to follow-up with me and Dave about our radio interview earlier this week. The Baggler is a great product, and we are sure our listeners loved hearing about it. Good luck, and we wish you much success as you introduce The Baggler to consumers all over the country! Thanks again for chatting with us.
    Michelle Taylor (and Dave)
    Wolf Wake-Up Crew Co-Host
    99.9 The Wolf, Number 1 For New Country and The Legends

  • Mark, I want to commend you on a great idea. I think allot of people will want this tool. Once again, a great idea you came up with. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Phil M, ME

    Nick Klein, Scottsdale AZ

  • Mark: Just read the article about your product in the Journal News paper. Sounds like a great product. I have 29 stairs to my front door and my wife and I struggle to load 6 bags on each hand 1x a week because we do not want to make 2 trips up the stairs. This looks like a perfect solution, so I just bought 4 units! I hope they are strong and read each hook holds 18 lbs. Sounds like this is a winner and I wish you all the best of luck I have a feeling you are going to be a very wealthy man in a year or so! You deserve it. Great innovation and great solution to an ongoing problem for millions of people. All the best.
    John Burke, Ardsley NY

  • Hello Mark and George: I want to "Congratulate you" on your product "The Baggler".  I truly believe it's a AWESOME idea!!  A great help for older and disable people!
    JoAnne C., Stamford CT

  • I am so glad for you and your invention.  I think its a great product!!!   its so simple and so useful. I'm glad you cab set back and get income from your idea.  Keep it up!!!
    Lillian Mayo, Dover-Foxcroft ME

  • Hi, tried the BAGGLERS for the first time last week and absolutely loved them!!! No more 10K trips bath and forth from car to house with groceries :)
    Zoe B., Wisscasset ME

  • Hi Mark, Just wanted you to know I gave a set to my parents at x-mas along with their other gifts and they love them.  We have a set in each car, and as you know we a few.  They are great, no more cutting into your hands and arms from the plastic bags, they stay together in the car so when we get home we are not chasing cans all over the car.   Thanks for such a handy item.
    Terry & Terry, W. Gardiner ME

  • This is a great product for the price. After the first time using it, I went back and bought another one. I like that it keeps the bags closed in the car. I now carry all of our groceries in one trip from the car with comfort. Thanks so much.
    Jim, Gardiner ME

  • I like this gadget even though I am neither arthritic nor visually impaired. It’s always a hassle for me to carry a lot of groceries from my car to my apartment. I need to unlock two doors and walk up three flights of stairs. I think the Baggler would make the trip a lot easier.
    Tim, NY

  • Hi Mark! Just wanted to tell you that I heard your interview on the radio this morning (99.9 The WOLF) and went home, looked up your website to find where I could purchase the baggler.
    Rachel Kidder, ME

  • I cannot say enough about what a wonderful product this is and how well it works! I saw it advertised in the Uncle Henrys here in Maine and after I went to Mark's website, I knew I had to have it to sell my Ebay store. All of my customers have been very happy with The Baggler! Mark has been wonderful and very helpful, as he knows what it's like to be a small businessman himself. This is a very handy tool to have for not just shopping, but I use mine for yard sales, and anytime I am going to have to carry multiple items. I am thrilled that Mark has given me this opportunity to sell his product and I hope one day to see The Baggler being sold all over the USA! Mark is a fantastic example of the American dream! Mark, you have come up with a much needed and great product and you should be very proud! I hope your hard work pays off and that one day The Baggler makes you a millionaire!
    Charline F., Cornville ME (The Journal)

  • Hi, I saw the them on local TV and the article in the Bangor Daily.  Wife thought they were great, so being a nice guy I bought her 3, lol.
    Roger H., Machias ME

  • Mark, what a awesome idea! They work great, and they also make great gifts.
    Stephen, Augusta ME

  • I invested in the Baggler for myself when they first came out and have been very pleased with them. I decided to give them as Christmas Gifts. Everyone is very pleased with the performance. It is very helpful with carrying those plastic bags and enables me to make fewer trips up and down the stairs. Thanks for your invention Mark.
    Marilyn, Litchfield ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • What an invention!This Baggler is so helpful and user friendly. It makes carrying those plastic bags so much easier and my hands don't hurt like they use to before the Baggler!Great idea Mark! Everybody should have at least a couple Baggler's.GO BAGGLER!
    Jim, Fayette ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • The Baggler is the greatest invention since sliced bread! I don't know how anyone can get along without at least one of these in their household. It's not only great for getting those heavy groceries into the house faster but it's also great for carrying small pieces of luggage or carrying pails down to the garden for planting! Kudos to you Mark for designing such a comfortable and user friendly item. This is so expertly designed for the average Joe, and priced right too! THANKS MARK!
    Aniela, Fayette ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • The BAGGLER has made shopping so much easier. It is a thrill to open the trunk and seeing all the bags together and all the contents still in the bag!
    Rick & Laurie, Maine (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • The Baggler is the best!!! I can't believe how handy that little gadget is. My hands are not cut up from carrying plastic grocery bags any more. It not only makes carrying bags easier, it is easy to get them out of the car. The bags stay together and the groceries don't roll around in the trunk of the car. I know before I got my baggler, I would find groceries under the back seat of our minivan days after I shopped!! Thank You Mr Baggler
    Margaret, Manchester ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • Don't buy just one!!! I got one for my wife last fall, and also tried it myself. It was great and did everything Mark said it would do! So many times thereafter I found myself leaving the store with an awkward handful of bags saying to myself "gee, if I only had the Baggler". My wife now keeps one in her purse and one in every vehicle so we never get caught without one. We've sent them all over the country as gifts for friends and family and everyone loves it. Great idea!!
    Tom G, Topsham ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • 8 Grocery bags, 2trips to the house and my fingers hurt. NO MORE!!!! Now I have 2 Baggler's., 1 easy trip & no pain. Plus the baggler keeps all the bags together and the bags closed. So when I throw them in the back of my Pickup they stay together and when I get home no more gathering up my groceries. All together and ready to go. Thanks Mark I have happy fingers now!!!
    Lou, Auburn, ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • I bought my wife a set of the Baggler's. and my wife loves them, she uses them every time she goes to the store and what she love about them is that she can carry more than two bags at the same time and that the bags don't cut into her hands no more....if she ask me for more I would buy them no question asked...
    Mike G, Augusta ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • What a genius idea!! My Doctor states that this has helped my overall posture and will be such a benefit when carrying bags. I liked them so much I bought them for stocking stuffers for my mother, aunts, and grandmother. I can't say enough about this wonderful concept. Thank you for this incredible invention!
    Jodi, Gardiner, ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • My daughter bought me 2 Baggler's. for a early Christmas present and I couldn't believe the difference. I used them when I went Christmas shopping and they can hold allot of bags without putting the strain on my arms or cutting into my hands. I have been grocery shopping and people have commented on what a great item. I just love this item!
    Diane, Pittston, ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • The Baggler is easy to use,and you wont believe how strong! I put bags on it and off I go. I have a pickup and put the bagglerized bags in the back they stay closed now no small stuff getting loose and where a big hit on x-mas I gave out six pair (that's to me how they work the best one in each hand) well they all use them and love them!!! So to Mark a big thanks for making my life easer !!!
    Brian Labbe, Winthrop ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • The Baggler makes our weekly shopping trip so much easier. I attach as many as 9 bags to my baggler as I load them into the car. When I get home the groceries are still in the bag and I can usually get into the house in only 1 trip!! We gave a few as Christmas presents-my mother-in-law has arthritis and the Baggler makes carrying grocery bags much easier on her. We also have a friend with M.S. who appreciates the comfort of the device. The Baggler certainly seems to be a convenience whose time has come!!!
    Rick, Readfield, ME (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • The Baggler is just as handy as Mark said it would be. I have two sets and keep one in the center console of my car. That way, when I go grocery shopping, or just stop for a couple of things (which usually turns into a couple of bags), I have them to make things a whole lot easier. The best part about The Baggler is when I place my bags in the trunk with The Baggler still in tact, the groceries stay in the bag and I don’t have to fight to pick them up again when I get home! Thanks Mark for a great product that actually works.
    Janet, Maine (From The Capital Weekly: www.mainecoastnow.com)

  • Best of luck with this wonderful product Mark!  I got several for my family and actually will need more.  Jill and I will are delivering Bagglers to relatives in several states.  Soon there will be Bagglers everywhere. Let me know how I can spread the word!
    Tom Gerken, Topsham ME

  • Excellent product - I am showing it to all of my friends!
    Barry R., Charlotte NC

  • I just redeemed bags of cans and not one can escaped a bag!  Wow!  Carrying in my groceries is a breeze.  Wonderful product-wish you the best! 
    Joyce Logan, Augusta ME

  • I really enjoyed using The BAGGLER. It was actually kind of fun.  I just have to remember to leave them in my car so they are there when I need them.  It’s a very practical idea & serves its purpose well.  It is a really good idea for a present as a stocking stuffer.  Good luck.
    Debra B., Leeds ME

  • Mark: Great invention!  You will probably revolutionize the shopping world.  I hope that you sell 50 million or more.
    Ben Morgan, Woolwich ME

  • Thank you. I know that I am going love this product. I printed out your information page of the website and put it on the bulletin board here at work. Hopefully that will get some people to your site. I've let people know how wonderful this would be as a Christmas gift or any type of gift. Have a great day.
    Sheila Randel, Spokane WA

  • Hey, what a great idea. This is great for me, my 88 yr. old Mom and my Wal-Mart shopping fool daughter-in-law. Want them before we go to Fl. in November.
    Sharon Carter, Montville ME

  • Hi Mark, My husband and I have just purchased some of your Bagglers they will make great gifts, can not wait to use it this is great!!! I have told many people to check it out and I am sure they will.  I have friends in almost every state so don't be surprised if you get orders from here to Florida and across.
    Terry & Terry West, Gardiner ME

  • Where have these been all my life! I'll be purchasing more for Christmas gifts! 
    Aaron S., Vancouver WA

  • Great item - MIL is gonna love it - very "handy" - THX!!
    Terry H., Walls MS

  • A+++++ They are wonderful. Thanks
    Laurie B., Selmer TN

  • "My friend thought that I could use The BAGGLER.  I tried it and just love it.  I showed my mom and let her try The BAGGLER and I have yet to get it back!  She just loves it also.  I have showed my friends and they all want one.  They can't wait to get their own so they can show others.  Great product!"
    Linda S., Windsor ME

  • "Makes handling plastic bags easy.  Also, it helped me motivate my kids to help bring in the groceries. They loved The BAGGLER.  It's an awesome tool!!" 
    Roger W., Manchester ME

  • "The BAGGLER prevents the groceries from falling out of the bags and they are all ready to carry into my house when I get home.  I love these..."
    Melissa D., Andover MA

  • "I thought The BAGGLER was very helpful.  It makes my shopping an easier job"
    Anonymous, Waterville, ME

  • "This is a wonderful way to hold packages together, especially when shopping for the various people in the family - I put all my moms on one hook and mine on the other two."

  • "The BAGGLER proved to be easier for my severely arthritic hands to grasp; and due to an arthritic hip I have not been able to carry more than a couple of bags at a time-The BAGGLER allows me to be able to carry several in each hand for a balanced situation and no more pain.  I definitely will be purchasing The BAGGLER as gifts for my friends."
    Marilyn F., West Gardiner ME

  • "I am impressed with The BAGGLER.  Thank you for inventing this wonderful item."

  • "Using The BAGGLER plastic bags are easy to control, comfortable to hold and carry.  Without The BAGGLER plastic bags are very awkward to use, very uncomfortable to hold and carry.  Thanks Mark!"
    Ray and Bea D., Sidney ME

  • "You have a winner here.  I love The BAGGLER!"
    Lois N., Myrtle Beach SC

  • "My 11 yr. old used The BAGGLERs.  He liked them because it was easy for him to help."
    John W., Augusta ME

  • "Hi Mark, you truly have a great product."
    Mike D., Rockland ME

  • "Love it!  Love it! Love it!"
    Susan C., Chelsea ME

  • " I love The BAGGLER.  I have carpal tunnel ....The BAGGLER was so easy to use.  I need a lot more of them, for my boss and my Grandmothers."
    Linda H., Fayette ME

  • "The best feature is the ability to put 6 grocery bags onto The BAGGLER and easily take them out of my vehicle all at once."
    Kevin D., Birch Run Michigan

  • "Hey Mark, I just wanted you to know, I'm doing my part to spread the word about The BAGGLER and getting great response!  Everyone I show it to thinks it's a wonderful idea.  So you better step up production!  Christmas is coming, and they're a great stocking stuffer"
    Rhobe M, Wales Maine
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