Meet The BAGGLER guys!

We make and sell products that make it comfortable and easy to carry your items.


Carrying lots of bags is easier with The BAGGLER®. With all of the bags attached to the handle Items won’t fall out of the bags and it takes less time to unload the vehicle. The soft rubber grip makes this chore painless.

The BAGGLER Company LLC was founded by Mark Eichenbaum of Augusta, Maine in July of 2006. Mark is an owner and the company CEO managing most of the day to day operations which originate from their offices in Augusta Maine USA. George Silvar of Lowell, Massachusetts is a business partner in the company and serves as President. Together they form a team that hones many talents and great experience.

Their first product named The BAGGLER® met the consumer market with rave reviews and was an instant success. It is a unique device that alleviates pain and hassle that most people experience while trying to carry their bags. Since then they have created other products that help people carry things comfortably and easily.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to make it easier and safer for people to carry their belongings so these items never become a burden to themselves or the environment. BAGGLER brand products are designed to add convenience, save precious time and eliminate discomfort. It is our sincere desire that you will find our eco-friendly and ergonomic solutions will improve the quality your of your life!

BAGGLER brand products are engineered in the United States and manufactured in the state of Maine and overseas. These products are currently sold in nearly 45,000 locations and in 16 countries around the world.

Shopping at the mall is more enjoyable when you don’t have to struggle to carry your bags. With all of your bags attached to the handle it is more convenient to set your bags down and pick them up. The BAGGLER® carry handle works with all types of bags.

No more spills! When your bags are attached to The BAGGLER® your items won’t fall out or break every time you set your bags down while walking or driving.





These items are ideal for premiums, promotional items and corporate gifts for guests, potential clients and customers. For large volume orders we can customize the logo and imprint many logos on The BAGGLER® and or The BAGGLER® Bags. Please email for more information and pricing. .
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